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Patrizia Hoyer

Patrizia is currently a post-doctoral scholar at the Research Institute of Organisational Psychology at the University Of Saint Gallen, Switzerland. Her research interests include discursive and narrative approaches to identity, elite working contexts, power and resistance, local affiliations along global career paths, cosmopolitan theory, creativity and social/organisational change. Patrizia holds a PhD in Organisational Studies and Cultural Theory from the University of Saint Gallen. Prior to her doctoral work, she worked as a strategy consultant for a global management consultancy in Zurich.

Patrizia bring along a diversity of cross-cultural experiences. This includes her Bangladeshi family background, her upbringing and school education in Germany, her university studies in London, as well as her work and academic experience in Switzerland. This wealth of diverse experiences has increased her appreciation of difference and keeps her hungry for new explorations.


Johannes Froehlich

Johannes is Head of Integration & Advice at Business in the Community (BITC). BITC is the Prince’s Responsible Business Network and stands for responsible business. The Integration and Advice team comprises three areas covering bespoke advisory services, benchmarking and training. Advisory Services delivers projects and advice to companies ranging from entirely bespoke advisory work to repeating products such as CR Index-based private benchmarks. The CR Index is a robust benchmarking tool developed in consultation with business leaders, to help companies systematically measure, manage and integrate responsible business practice. BITC’s training services have been developed for practitioners who are looking to deepen their knowledge of Corporate Responsibility and develop essential competencies. In this leadership role Johannes is responsible for the successful implementation of the Integration and Advice team strategy in order to deliver a balanced budget and increase the impact of services to companies.

In his previous role as a senior consultant at IBM’s Smarter Workforce division, Johannes worked on a variety of large scale and highly complex global leadership and engagement programmes to the highest of standards analysing business needs and providing solutions based on analytics and insights.


Eidi Cruz-Valdivieso

Eidi was born in Mexico City where she worked for many years amongst some of the poorest communities in the areas of co-creativity, mentorship and community integration. She studied psychology in Mexico, and later studied organisational and social psychology and worked at the London School of Economics looking at intellectual capital in five European countries in a joint project with the European Commission; and at co-creation in the marketing industry.

During the years she lived in London also studied acting. Her passion is for social transformation, art and creativity to find a common platform, which can encourage others to create new possibilities, expressed in tangible actions. Currently she is leading a programme that promotes creativity and innovation by incentivizing some of the best social entrepreneurs and innovators around the world.


Manuel Riveros

Manuel is a Chilean Business Consultant, an amateur Flamenco guitarist, a first-time marathoner and a happily married guy that loves a good glass of wine and a nice chat with friends. He is passionate about life and adding purpose to any project that he decide to embrace.

He studied Business Administration in Chile, a Master Degree in Organisational Psychology in London at the LSE, where he lived and work for 5 years, and currently he is finishing a second one in Cultural-Biology back in his country where he currently lives. He has been working for the last 6 years at Pragmaxion, a consulting firm that brings complex initiatives to life, from building strategies with their clients, to enhancing collaboration and innovation with their partners.


Toru Jhaveri

Toru Jhaveri is a psychologist who took what she thought would be a detour from academia to work as a qualitative market researcher with the Nielsen Company. It has been eight years since, and she is now a brand strategist at one of India’s leading advertising agencies. She is passionate about creativity, culture, writing and dot-connecting and enjoys the unique combination of methods and madness that typifies agency life. She lives and works in Mumbai, India.

Toru believes that work-life balance is a construct that is lived, embodied and negotiated by people over time and that there is much more to it than ‘time-management’ and ‘multi-tasking.’ In which case, doing what you love and loving what you do can prove to be very mixed blessings indeed. Which accounts for the peculiar angst of the privileged Millennial who is lucky enough to pursue work that she wants to do, but isn’t equipped with the tools to decode the full implications of such wanting.


Daphna Salomon

Daphna is a creative content & design freelance-consultant. She helps businesses and individuals articulate, frame, deliver and engage with messaging in a strategic and powerful way. She produces and collaborates on content including scripts and articles, as well as the design of space that facilitates learning, decision making and pivotal conversation. She is passionate about innovation, cultural exchange, creativity and the psychology of design.

Daphna is an explorer of the working world and of the world at large. Her free spirit takes her to many unexpected places.


Jen Lu

Jen is a 30 year-old woman living in England. She grew up in the Netherlands, but has lived in various places in Europe since age eighteen.  At age twenty-four, she moved back to the Netherlands and took a position as a PhD researcher in applied psychology.

After completing her PhD, she moved to England for her current job as a researcher at a London-based university.  As a psychologist, her work focuses on the role of behaviour in addressing a variety of societal problems.


Ása Ludviksdottir

Ása has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and a Master in Organisational and Social Psychology. She currently holds the position of a Director of R&D Analysis, in the R&D department of Össur, a global company in non-invasive orthopaedics, where she has worked for over 7 years. Main responsibilities include the rolling forecast budgeting of the R&D department, preparing R&D monthly reporting to the executive committee and taking a seat in the R&D management team.

Previous roles include, manager of Clinical Research within the same company, were she was responsible for testing new medical devices with end users to verify product functionality and safety. Before that she was a Risk Management Specialist within Kaupthing bank for 4 years, focusing on minimizing the bank’s operational losses.


Ann-Victoire Pincé

As an organisational psychologist, Ann-Victoire studies social interactions in the context of organisations. Her passion is to study organisational life and to better understand what makes organisations successful. She is currently working in that field, for a consulting organisation focusing on the different phases of the employee life cycle, helping companies, governments, NGOs to better attract, develop and retrain their workforce. Her particular focus is on helping her clients implementing employee engagement programs, and initiating change in organisations. Her practice is around helping to anchor the intangible, to make it more tangible and use a language which would touch the leaders of an organisation she is advising.

Ann-Victoire was born and raised in France until she moved to the UK to study and gain some international work experience. After 6 years abroad, she moved back to France, where she is now based.


Greg Kuzdenyi

Greg has worked as a technology Product Manager for five years in the UK. He led the design and development for the online proposition for one of the big name entertainment brands and has delivered a handful of products effecting millions of households.

Greg is also a passionate entrepreneur. He is currently setting up an enterprise aiming at helping property developers turn commercial properties into residential homes.

Greg has been living most of his life in the UK but his family’s roots originate in Hungary.


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